Choosing A Boat Slip / Dock

DTGii Support 10/05/2016

Before deciding that your 26+ foot boat should go into a 26+ foot length boat slip, there are a few factors you may want to consider.

1. Boat Maneuvering space
2. Amount of space within inside of the boat slip.

Maneuvering space and Amount of Space: As a general rule, the longer the length of the boat slip, the more open water maneuvering space you will have available to line up and drive the boat into the slip space. As an example, the next dock behind your dock should be further away, allowing plenty room for you to steer as you get used to docking your boat.

In addition A longer slip space provides other advantages. If the boat slip length is longer than your boat your parking space is longer and wider. As a result A safety zone is created behind the boat, protecting the engine and stern, or the bow of the boat if you decide to back in. And, more sideways space is created as well, allowing ample entry space as your boat enters the slip.

Sometimes there is space available for additional belongings in the slip. A tube, kayak, storage box, possibly a jet ski, to name a few.

It is important to know how long your boat “physically” is, including the physical length added by the motor, or if there is a swim platform, and if there is an anchor extending at the bow. A “26 foot” boat rarely is 26 feet long. Commonly, the actual physical size of the boat will be closer to 28 feet, or more.  We hope this information helps and we look forward to seeing you at Manatee Bay.

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